Good-Old Manners

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Joan Smalls' entrance at Tom Ford's show

I guess the feelings of every fashionista who didn’t have his or her name inked on Tom Ford’s comeback show’s strict guest list were nearly the same. It goes something like this: both thrilled by Mr. Ford’s ransom of this old-fashioned, departed kind of presentation and eager for some pictorial review. Months went by and we had hints from Vogue, Vogue Paris, V and a few other magazines until we could scrutinize the proper catwalk pictures.

Apart from the super-private mood, Mr. Ford’s show was different from “normal” ones in many aspects. There wasn’t a standard hairdo or make-up. Each model/muse was allowed to let her own individuality free on the catwalk. This collection was what fashion is actually supposed to be: a celebration of each woman’s inner beauty.

By making fashion smaller, Ford made it much bigger. It’s unlikely that the whole industry is taking Mr. Ford’s attitude towards his business as a role model. But anyway, that September night was a delightful pause for fashion’s mad, mad world.


Apologizing for my absence

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Dear readers,

Unfortunately, I was forced to take a break from the blog. So don’t be surprised if my few next posts feel a little old. Stay tuned.

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Welcome 2011!

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Dear readers,

May 2011 be an outstanding year for fashion and also for all of you.

Cheers from À La Mode.

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