Au Revoir, Carine

December 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Iris Strubegger shot by Mert & Marcus in one of the last Vogue Paris issues under Carine's tenure

First of all, I must say I’m shocked. Since McQueen’s death, no other fashion news has shaken me so violently. Just like it was impossible to conceive his eponymous brand without the designer’s genius, it has become unthinkable to dissociate Carine and Vogue Paris through these ten years Madame Roitfeld has set the rules for the most cutting-edge fashion magazine of present days.

She has dared to do what many has refused to, stepped into unexplored and feared spaces. She has fought PETA and the anti-smoking crowd. In short, she has been the enfant terrible of the editorial industry. And how many people in fashion you can still call enfants terribles?

All we can do now is pray to God that it will be worth it. That whoever’s taking Carine’s throne (Emmanuelle Alt and Aliona Doletskaya are predictably the rumoured names) will be able keep Vogue Paris’s relevance. And that whatever the project she’s setting up (heading to W would be just too delicious to be true), it will grant us some super-glossy, indecently sensual and politically incorrect imagery. Otherwise, the task will be left for a very few fellas.


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